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What to do…..?

How about something active, something out in the fresh air, something to give you a buzz and something memorable - then trekking or riding is for you! 

Available April to October - all Rides and Bed & Breakfast rooms
Available All Year Round - Glamping Pod, Shepherds Hut and Camping

At The Grange Trekking Centre, we have an amazing range of outdoor experiences you'll love. Contact us to book your accommodation too.


Organised a party of 9 of varying experience, from complete novice to experienced. Had an absolutely amazing time. Took the 2-hour hike but beforehand we were asked to groom and bond with our ponies which I thought was so lovely and I've never experienced this before, even though I have been on many rides. Nigel was an absolute star, running up and down between the beginners and making sure they were all ok. At the end we were asked to remove the tack and were again given time to say goodbye to these beautiful gentle animals 😍 I was in my happy place for the whole afternoon!!

Karen Anderson


Get in touch with our close family team to book your experience!
Contact The Grange Trekking Centre and Accommodation on 01873 890215

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